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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Downtown Greensboro, NC

Canon G9, ISO: 400, 1/320s, f/7.1


Riley rests in her owner's bed while she is out for the evening.

Nikon D-90, ISO: 1000, 1/20, f/3.5

A fallen leaf on the side of Haggard Ave.

Nikon D-90, ISO: 320, 1/50 s, f/16

A small bit of hope that Spring is around the corner.

Nikon D-90, ISO: 500, 1/80, f/10

Midnight snack

Nikon D-90, ISO: 1000, 1/40s, f/5.6

The glow of a street lamp casts slivers of light over the cluttered bed and onto the bedroom wall.

Nikon D-90, ISO: 1000, 2.5s, f/4.5

An Elon student runs across Haggard Ave through the night's thick fog.

Nikon D-90, ISO: 500, 1/30s, f/5.6

An uneventful night on Burlington Ave in Burlington NC.

Nikon D-90, ISO: 200, 1/40s, f/5.6

Emily Gaul, Rachel Guild and Jen Scotto pose in a dramatic photo shoot for Maggie Northrup.

Nikon D-90, ISO: 200, 1/160s, f/10

The USB drive shines a tiny light on the computer in the editing suite.

Canon G-9, ISO: 1600, 1/15s, f/4.8