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The members if the iMedia Special Projects team sets up a shoot for their Ben and Jerry's "Make Canada Scream for Ice Cream" commercial entry.

Nikon D-90, ISO: 200,1/80, f/18


A fallen leaf rests in the road outside of the villas in the City of Knowledge in Panama.

Nikon D-90, ISO: 200, 1/160s, f/14

After leaving Panama, my classmates and I put together all of the heart-wrenching stories of the children with OI into a website to raise awareness here in America.  Please check it out and spread the word-These children need our help!

Dave Parsons takes a picture from a beachfront wall in Old Panama City (Casco Viejo), Panama.

Nikon D-90, ISO: 200, 1/800s, f/14

This Capuchin monkey watches the Panama Canal tour boat pull up with bananas for its afternoon snack. The Capuchin are among the many forms of wildlife found along the canal, including howler monkeys, crocodiles, turtles and sloths.

Nikon D-90, ISO: 200, 1/100s, f/10

José Ismaelito Martinez, now two years old, helps his physical therapist remove the pads after a short PT session. José has OI and comes to Hospital del Niño in Panama City, Panama 3 times a week for $3 a session. Even at this price, many children like him cannot afford to receive this crucial part of treatment.

Nikon D-90, ISO: 1000, 1/80, f/5

Casco Viejo, Panama at sunset.

Nikon D-90, ISO: 320, 1/15s, f/3.5

Mrs. Garcia gathers some things for dinner in her home in Panama. Her 28-year-old grandson, Osualdo Garcia has lived with OI his whole life but has accomplished so much.

Nikon D-90, ISO: 400, 1/80s, f/7.0

Kenneth and his brother play video games in their home outside of Colón, Panama. Kenneth, now 6-years-old, suffers from OI and has already had 142 broken bones in his short lifetime.

Nikon D-90, ISO:320, 1/40  f/4

This señor steers the water taxi's 12 passengers to the other side of a Panamanian river.

Canon G9, ISO: 80, 1/125s, f/8

Eighteen-year-old Jonathan rides shotgun on the journey from Panama City's national airport to the villas where Elon University's iMedia students are staying for the week. Jonathan won a gold and a silver medal in gymnastics at this past year's Special Olympics.

Nikon D-90, ISO: 500, 1/40s, f/5

For the next 8 days, I will be in Panama with 8 iMedia classmates working on a public good project.  We will be working with the Crystal Children Foundation, which helps people in Panama suffering from Osteogenesis Imperfecta.  For those of you who don’t know about OI, it is a rare genetic bone disease that occurs because of the way in which collagen is produced in the bones.  The people of Panama have little to no treatment for this disease and have to travel to the United States and other surrounding countries to get what they need.  For some, this works, but for most who live in poverty, this doesn’t cut it.  The goal of our trip is to get their story out there, raise awareness among doctors and physicians and get help for the kids and adults suffering from this horrible ailment.